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Summer time and the livin's easy

Summertime is one of the best times just about anywhere, but it’s a little extra special because it means you get to experience the great outdoors and beautiful weather in our neck of the woods. Here are some of our favorite past times and summer activities for the entire family in 25 Summer Must-Dos in Haywood County you don’t want to miss!


  1. Go take a Hike!

  2. Go swimming in a waterfall.

  3. Go fishing.

  4. Catch lightning bugs in a mason jar! (But also let them go)

  5. Enjoy some BBQ.

  6. Have a cookout!

  7. Make fresh squeezed lemonade!

  8. Fly a kite!

  9. Catch the Sunrise and the Sunset both on the same day!

  10. Canoe down the closest river.

  11. Go horseback riding!

  12. Go berry picking!

  13. Build a Slip-n-slide.

  14. Go to the Folkmoot Parade!

  15. Go camping on the Parkway.

  16. Go to Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market.

  17. Grow a Garden.

  18. Watch Fireworks!

  19. Make S’mores.

  20. Have a picnic at the park!

  21. Have a water balloon fight.

  22. Go Stargazing!

  23. Build a fort!

  24. Stay at a local bed and breakfast.

  25. Roll down a grass hill!

Nikki White